Simplicity Meets Flexibility

Ease-of-use is redefined with the Robotiq
Palletizing Solution. Open the box, and the
hardware and software is already connected.
Plan your set-up in just three steps directly
on the robot control device.


Do you need flexibility on your manufacturing lines? With our solution, you can set-up and reset-up quickly. It’s easy to adapt to your needs and cost-effective to do the configuration yourself.

No need to design or program the connection between the robot controller and 7th axis or box sensor; we’ve done it. All the elements included in the box are connected, so you don’t have to spend any time on this.

Set-up your application directly on the robot control device in 3 easy steps. No need for an external PC. No need for programming.

Because safety is crucial, we have built an environment for safe integration. We also support third-party safeguard devices.

Earn an ROI faster than with other cobot solutions, because of the high performance cycle time. What makes it perform so well? Optimized, synchronized motion control of the cobot and 7th axis. Plus, seamless movements also mean a longer life cycle for your cobot.

Are you working with small boxes? Do you need to reach a certain height? Our solution can pick a wide range of boxes and cover extensive heights and pallet dimensions.

The Robotiq Palletizing Solution fits easily within your existing floor plan, given its small footprint. No need to reorganize your floor layout around a central robot.


Set-up your application in 3 easy-steps

Experience how seamless it is to use our application software called Material Handling Copilot. Enjoy a quick and 3 easy step set-up through our user-friendly platform. Generate and automatically optimize all trajectories and robot movements using only the below information:

  1. Box dimensions and weight
  2. Pallet dimensions
  3. Pallet pattern

Ready, set and go!