AMTRU Business AG from Switzerland has a history of 30 years and became a member of ABB Robotics in 1995. It has developed advanced grinding tools for compensation robots with pneumatic or electric compensation functions, which can control the torque, speed and position during grinding. , With robots to become excellent equipment for automatic grinding, polishing and deburring in various industries. It is widely used in the surface finishing and lining processes of various industries to improve production efficiency and quality. In 2003, AMTRU Business AG undertook ABB Switzerland The grinding department of Robotics has been in business until now.

AMTRU can be applied to the following robotic solutions:

  • Surface grinding of metal mechanical parts after welding
  • Polishing and grinding of automobile, motorcycle and bicycle parts
  • Polishing and grinding of kitchen and bathroom facilities such as faucets and sinks
  • Metal mobile phone case, tablet computer
  • Deburring of the inner edge of the aluminum wheel after casting